Analytics state of mind

We have about 14 days to the close of the voter registration process in Kenya and there have been (or not) campaigns for people to go out and vote.

Most interestingly is the idea of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC sending out text messages to people to go out and vote. Initially, this was very impressive (well still is) and yes I have already registered,

but i wish that this SMS campaign was taken to another level and made even better.

I was having a discussion with my good friend Eddy talking about the state of politics, I realized that he had also received the same SMS I got, he is dutch.

This got me thinking, so maybe even minors with mobile phones got this message even when its not relevant to them. An interesting idea was this picture shared on twitter by Mac Jordan showing that minors have been registered to vote in Ghana’s upcoming elections.

I think that IEBC went to the network providers (Safaricom to be specific as no other network service users received the text) and got a list of all the users and sent them a spam SMS.

Here is how i think they could have done it better:


SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE age >=18 AND nationality = “kenyan”

//send SMS

And that my friends is what i call the lack of targeted marketing and analytics at the highest level.