A few days ago, a couple of Kenyan MPs decided to award themselves a very hefty severance pay of about 2billion KES. Its a long story but i decided to highlight a few of those to just see what they have done for their constituents to deserve any of this. Please note that no matter the results, no one deserves to put this kind of burden on the tax payer!

I used data from the Kenya Open Data portal, Mzalendo watch, Virtual Kenya and the County Score Card

I did this visual on Google earth with a google tour in addition to the screenshots.

Click on the MP link to learn more about them, information thanks to Mzalendo watch.

Note that the underlaying map that is courtesy of Virtual Kenya shows the population concentration in the constituencies,

the darker the more the lighter the less populated the constituency is.

Wajir West – MP Adan Keynan

Kilgoris – MP Gideon Konchella

Kipipiri – MP Amos Kimunya

Turkana Central – MP Ekwee Ethuro

Ndia – MP Robinson Githae


Yatta – MP Charles Kilonzo