Traffic Incidents 2005 – 2010

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Well this is in case i forget to officially wish you one in 24 days. Happy December.

Over the years, December has been known to have the greatest number of traffic accidents in the country. Being the Christmas season, this is the time the police department spends and engages on awareness campaigns of staying safe on the roads over this festive season.

We all know about the looming public transport (matatu) strike and the new traffic rules but can we learn something?

In the next couple of weeks I will take some time to digitize and visualize some data from the statistical abstract sold 2011 by KNBS (digital copy available here) to tell stories that matter.

Persons killed and injured:

Vehicles primarily responsible:

Persons primarily responsible:

Times of accidents:

Well, there you have it folks, lets stay safe this festive season now shall we?