Your Presidential Candidate

In a few weeks, the Kenyan Media will be holding the first ever presidential aspirants debate. To support the process, (since i wasnt invited to moderate ;-))I have developed a few visuals that compare the various candidates (yes, all 9 of them) on matters of: Age,  Years served in Parliament, Public office Positions held, Education,  Integrity cases,  Appearances in Parliament, Tax status and CDF projects that have been fully completed between 2003-2010.

Please note that some of the aspirants have not been members of parliament like Prof. Ole Kiyapi and some did not make it to the present parliament like Raphael Tuju. All in all, some of the other indicators still give them a fair trial depending on what you are looking for.

Please note that all the data presented has been sourced from various online channels and media. There might be a slight margin of error (such is for most scientific findings ;-) )

The outcome of the data mining is AVAILABLE HERE.

CDF Projects done to completion 2003-2010

Parliamentary appearance

Age of aspirant against number of years served in government and number of public office positions held.

Integrity cases while in office

Aspirants either paying or not paying taxes

Data Sources: I used data from the Kenya Open Data portal, Mzalendo watch, Virtual Kenya, the Star Newspaper and the County Score Card