Big Data, the beginning..

“Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”according to McKinsey Global Institute report on Big Data.

Yes, these are the times that we live in. A lot of data is collected day in day out by various companies and individuals (yes, your undeleted text messages count), but the biggest question then is, what do we do with all this data?

There has been a very clear transition from paper based systems to computerized systems, including cloud based hosting and databases but the question has always been, what happens after that?

Data is no longer just an output of processes that we engage in, it is becoming an integral part of predictive analysis on future processes. How many know this and are using this to their competitive advantage?

Open data is a hot topic i the streets of our global village, massive amounts of data collected and safely stored over years is now being released to the public, data scientists are starting to become the predicted next hot cake in the baker’s bar. Are we well prepared?

Data science, Big Data and Open Data is becoming a bigger deal in the Western part of the Village so this seeks to bridge the gap in the developing economies by identifying who the greatest generators of data are and how they are using that data to their competitive advantage among competitors (who might not have an idea if this exists!) in the DEVELOPING part of the global village. Africa

Data analysis and visualization, and feeds from others in the village that are thinking about this 🙂

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