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Charts.co.ke is a cloud-based data analytics platform that enables quick and easy upload and editing of data files, creation of interactive visualizations, while allowing for downloads and sharing of charts online.


File Uploads

Upload xlsx and csv files for analysis and visualization.

File management

Easily create and edit files in spreadsheet view.

Instant company contact

Get feedback immediately when someone views your company profile.

Multiple Visualization

Support for a variety of visualizations including line graphs, column charts, pie charts, area charts, grouped charts, stacked charts and combo charts.

Charts Downloads and embedding

Export the chart to PNG format at the click of a button, or embed the chart directly to a web page.


It works in all modern mobile and desktop browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 6. On iOS and Android, multitouch support provides a seamless user experience. Standard browsers use SVG for the graphics rendering. In legacy Internet Explorer graphics are drawn using VML.

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