We’re putting your data into action.

We transform how you consume data by building Information Systems that offer solutions for data collection, management and analysis.  

Data Infrastructure

With our robust information systems set-up, scale your operations while maintaining performance in one of the world’s most secure cloud platforms.

Data Analytics

Put your data to use, explore and slice through your data using our intuitive analytics tools and capacity to discover great insights.

Data Visualizations

Our robust solutions deliver scheduled and on-demand reports that track key indicators to help you make timely interventions and decisions.

Our Story

DataScience limited, is a Software Engineering company where we focus our skills and expertise on building information systems that are geared towards data analytics and research.

We have remained true to this ethos and today, we employ the latest technologies in software engineering and project management to solve real-world problems that are encountered by our esteemed clients and partners.

Our solutions are used by individuals and organisations including governments, NGOs and private sector organisations within the realms of agriculture, banking, manufacturing, health services and governance to provide insights from data for better strategic planning, resource allocation and accountability.

Our Work

Collect and track real time pest data in your greenhouses for better controls and measures in pest eradication, that easily influences easy decision making

Easily build targeted online surveys while sampling from our database of thousands of respondents, collect the responses and analyse the data for better insights.

Open data platform

We deliver open data platforms using the CKAN technology, to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and use of data using globally accepted standards, infrastructure and tools.

Business Intelligence

We deploy modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web solutions to manage data integration, exploration and visualisation.

Data research

We help organization identify the most critical data points for their operations and profitability by using our tools that help them discover actionable insights.