Introducing Ruma BI

What is Ruma BI?

Ruma BI is a fully hosted business intelligence web application that enables users to intuitively explore their data through interactive dashboards to generate insights and maximize outcomes through over 30 visualization options.

What does Ruma BI do?

Ruma BI offers users a solution that enables them to:

  1. Connect to their own data sources from which to query and edit data via the web.
  2. Explore data through interactive visualisations that track custom metrics and allow for filtering by gender, age, costs, regions and time.
  3. Manage authentication and permissions for users and dashboards.


  1. Create data sources from your data either by connecting to integrated sources or uploading files in .csv format.

The SQL Lab feature connects to just about any database backend. It provides a multi tab environment to work on multiple queries at a time.

2. Explore data and create stories.

3. Organise your stories into interactive dashboards.

4. Easily manage users and their roles.

5. Secure and scalable cloud hosting.

Why Ruma BI?

  1. Over 30 visualization options.

2. Upload and import files and dashboards.

3. Export generated insights and visualizations.

4. Readily share insights and outcomes with colleagues or clients.

5. Collaboration capability.

6. Ready, local and available service and support.

Ruma BI is the solution to all your Business Analytics needs. This easy to use Business Intelligence tool generates insights, patterns and outcomes through stunning visualizations for your business and even clients.

For more information regarding Ruma BI, contact us:

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